About Us

Let’s Talk About AVANCE Auto Services

Avance Auto Services is a leading vehicle service and repair specialist in Dubai. We have been servicing in Dubai for several years and recognized as the most experienced and thorough mechanics in the industry. We service all makes and models and have the latest computer diagnostics in the industry. We do everything a dealership can do and more, on all new, modern Cars, Light & Heavy Trucks and Buses and have the right computer tools to maintain your warranty. We offer you everything from logbook services, fitting new tyres and brakes, safety inspections, roadworthy certificates, engine rebuilds and installs, modifications and upgrades as well as general repairs, maintenance and the latest computer diagnostics you have the peace of mind of knowing that when you bring your vehicle in you get friendly local service plus and you are able to speak to the mechanic that looks after your vehicle

Our Philosophy

To be a garage of choice and deliver the best services second to none, where customer satisfaction relationships are as important as revenue. We always aim to offer our customers an efficient and premier level of quality service

Our Mission

“Garage with trust” Customer safety & satisfaction will be one of the most important aspects of our operation. Our technicians are highly qualified and have lots of specialized skill sets.

We Have Expertise In  Servicing Of All leading Vehicle Manufacturers

We repair and service a wide variety of light and heavy vehicles. Currently our capabilities are only limited by the availability of diagnostic equipment and services manuals, but not know-how. We have extensive experience, diagnostics equipment, technical specifications and other know-how for a very broad range of vehicles, including: